About Us


We’re Marleigh and Kip Sayers AND WE LOVE TO FISH!

In 2012 (before we had our babies!) we spent an unforgettable year travelling Australia.

The inspiration for our shirts came from this life making adventure.

We fished all around this amazing country, from the southern states to the top of Cape York, through the Gulf and the rugged west.

We didn’t know it at the time, but fishing these areas, and meeting people so committed and in love with fishing and seeking out their desired species, would become the origins of our name, FISH KING.

Reflecting on our journey, we knew we needed to design shirts and clothing that would reflect the passion of the people that were so knowledgeable and experienced when searching for and capturing their beloved fish.

We also realised women were missing out on the kinds of fishing shirts that truly resonated with them. That’s where ANGELFISH began. Our aim was to make a shirt that was not only the most comfortable and breathable on the market, but that looked beautiful, too. This year (2019) we launched our new Brand! MALi Designs provides stunning sun shirts for women and girls who love the outdoors.

We travelled 34,000km and when we were done, we came home and designed the perfect fishing and sun protective shirt.

Now, looking good is one thing, but having the protection you need? That’s a whole other story.

We have spent countless hours and days, weeks and months on the water, sitting in a humble tinny getting smoked by the sun, or on the beach getting completely roasted.

In Fish King we knew we had to create clothing that would greatly reduce exposure to UV rays, so we could be safe doing what we most love.

Anyone who has worn a Fish King shirt will tell you it’s the best.

The specially designed high zip collar sits soft against the skin and prevents burning to the neck, and can also be folded down during the cooler times of the day.

The large zippered pockets are unobtrusive, yet are perfect for securely storing keys, phones, braid scissors and any number of bits and bobs.

The built in thumb holes allow your hands to tuck neatly away out of the sun, offering practical protection to as much skin as possible.

We knew we were onto a winner with Fish King, so when we had our first son four years ago, we obviously had to expand our range to include the best kids’ shirts as well!

Thanks for supporting n Aussie family business, and happy fishing, friends!


Marls and Kip Sayers