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These multi-functional bandanas are a seamless tubular garment made of high performance microfibre. Designed for comfort, they are breathable and wind resistant with sweat and moisture absorption. They will protect you from the cold frosty mornings as well as the scorching hot days.


The microfibre bandanas with full sublimation printing are sized at 25cm x 45cm. They will fit around your face, neck or any way you would like to wear them. I like to wear mine so the bandana sits over my nose under my sunnies and around the back of my head. Kip Sayers


They make a big difference, preventing you from getting a sun burnt face and dried out lips. Making you more comfortable so you can fish longer and spend more time in the great outdoors.

The range begins with the new Fish King cap which will keep the sun at bay. This hat is made of acrylic so it is light weight and cool to wear and includes a sweat band to stop the sweat from dripping down your face while fighting that fish of a life time. Incorporating an extended peak, you can fish well into the arvo keeping the sun out of your eyes. With a velcro rear closure this hat should fit any ugly head! Featuring  the trademark Fish King Crown design you'll be looking great and will be protected out on the water.

Fish King Hat

Only available in Blue.


More colours and designs coming soon.