Angelfish shirts, Women's Fishing Jersey, Sun protective clothing
Angelfish Jersey, Womens Fishing Jersey, Comfortable fishing shirt,
Angelfish Jersey, Womens Fishing Jersey, Comfortable fishing shirt
Angelfish Jersey, Womens long sleeve fishing shirt, Fishing jersey, Womens fishing jersey
Fishing jersey, Angelfish Jersey, Womens fishing shirt, Sun protection clothing
Adults & Kids Sizes
Adults & Kids Sizes

Angelfish Jerseys

ANGELFISH jerseys are perfect for all women out there on the water. Nothing is better than being able to slip on an Angelfish jersey for the days fishing, knowing you will look amazing in the designs but have the sun protection that you need. With a large zippered pocket to hold a whole variety of things, a high collar to protect your neck and thumb holes to protect your hands. Be seen and look great out on the water or walking on the beach. You’re always being looked after in an ANGELFISH jersey.

Fishing Jersey, Fish Queen, Womens fishing shirt, Womens fishing jersey, Womens long sleeve shirt


Fishing Jersey, Angelfish Jersey, UV protection. Sun protection
Long sleeve sun protective shirt, Fishing shirt, Fishing jersey
Barra Queen fishing jersey, Barra Queen fishing shirt. High sun protrction, coolmeash, Quick drying



Fish Queen

Barra Queen

The FISH QUEEN jersey has been designed for all the girls that love to fish as much as the boys. It is perfect for those long days trolling, bottom bashing or flicking for that illusive species to tick off your wish list. With all the added features of a high collar to protect your neck, a large zippered pocket to hold some braid scissors or lip balm and thumb holes at end of the sleeves to protect the back of your hands. You will be the envy of all fishing women. Be the queen of the water, be a FISH QUEEN.

The Barra Queen jersey features the Aussie icon of the north. For many of us it is at the top of the bucket list to catch one of these chrome beauties. Whether you’re holding your 1st barra or 100th, imagine that awesome photo with the fish you have worked so hard to get. With all the sun protection you’ll need, there is nothing stopping you from being a Barra Queen.

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