Fish King jerseys, Angel fish jerseys
Fish King and Angelfish

Our names are Kip and Marleigh Sayers AND WE LOVE TO FISH!


At the end of 2011 we set out to travel Australia wanting to change our lives.


The inspiration for our jerseys came from the vast variety of areas we have visited around this huge land of ours.

We have fished all around this amazing country, from the southern states to the top of Cape York, through the Gulf and the rugged west. Fishing in these areas, where people are passionate for a desired species, brought along the phrase FISH KING. We wanted to design jerseys and clothing that would reflect the passion of the people that try so hard to gain the knowledge and upper hand of their desired fish.


On our travels we also noticed that women did not have the kind of fishing jerseys that they really wanted to wear. With that ANGELFISH began. Our aim was to make a jersey that looks great and is comfortable to wear. Not every women or girl out there likes pink! So we have designed jerseys that look great and don’t make you look like a bloke sitting in the boat or on the bank having a fish. "There has been many times when I have been mistaken for a man wearing traditional jerseys and fishing hats". Marleigh Sayers


Looking good is one thing but having the protection you need, is another. We have spent a lot of time on the water sitting in the humble tinny getting smoked by the sun or on the beach getting roasted. Wearing our gear will limit your exposure to the UV rays, which is a life saver!


With the end of our 34,000km trip looming, it was time to put our ideas into action and that’s what we have done! Supplying Fishing jerseys and clothing to protect you is our goal. We will be bringing out other lines of clothing and designs as time goes.


Keep an eye out for other FISH KINGS and ANGELFISH women out there and say hello. Have the piece of mind that, that person has the same interests as you. Have a yarn and ask “What’s your biggest fish?” You never know, yours might be bigger!!!  To just say "hello" to someone you don’t know can be a big thing in this day and age. So let’s make a community of Fish Kings and Queens that can have a chat anywhere, anytime, about the sport we love so passionately.


Please contact us to say hello or just to ask a question via the web page, phone, email or follow us and leave a comment on Facebook.


Hope to hear from you soon and see your photos in our gallery.



Kip and Marleigh Sayers